Holmes Halls (Processors) Ltd are licensed to tan hides and skins under the permit of Hull City Council.

We are committed to ongoing environmental performance improvements and recently achieved The Leather Working Group Accreditation with a subcontractor score of 76.97%. The Leather Working Group is the global standard for the Leather Industry worldwide.

Water, effluent and waste

95% of the water used for our processing is abstracted from a nearby land drain under Environment Agency permit.

We recently completed a significant investment to renew our Primary Effluent Treatment Plant which achieves 99.9% removal of solids from our discharged effluent. The effluent is then further treated by a municipal treatment works to achieve final discharge quality required by the UK Environment Agency.

Part of our process involves the removal of excess fat from the hides. This waste stream is converted to Tallow onsite in our bespoke Oil Recovery Plant and then sold onwards and can be used in the production of biodiesel and cooling oils.

Control of restricted substances

All wet blue produced by Holmes Halls meets all currently recognised international legislation with regard to restricted substances. To ensure ongoing compliance we communicate our current Manufacturing Restricted Chemicals List to all of our suppliers and seek their written statements of compliance. Further information on our Restricted Substances policy can be found below.