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Wet blue hides

Our hides are sourced from UK and Irish licensed abattoirs and processed under strict environmental guidelines. The high quality of UK and Irish hides are perfectly suited for the manufacture of full-hide aniline and semi-aniline leathers of all types.

We process primarily from fresh hides (iced or chilled) which ensures the grains are clean with no degradation that may be experienced with salted hides. We provide full substance hides supplied sammed and packed to the customers' requirements.

We can offer our standard chrome tannage or process to specific customer requirements. If this is of interest please talk to us.


The hides are tanned to meet ISO 5433 2022, as such:

Chrome Content 3.5% min.

End of tannage pH 3.8 – 4.2

pH of Aqueous extract >pH 3.5

Shrinkage temperature > 100°C

All our wet blue hides are treated to prevent mould growth in transport and storage when stored in original shipping packaging for up to 3 months.

We do not use chemicals listed in REACH Annex 1, Candidate list for SVHC and we also test to ensure compliance for restricted substances.

Contract tanning

We also offer a contract tanning service for customer own sourced hides.
Any other requirements can be made. Get in touch to find out more
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Wet blue sales

Green weight range (kilos)



36/ 45.9

46 +






Shipping and packaging

Hides can be packed flat – for European transport by truck or packed on standard pallets for international container shipping.

Shipping & packing costs to the port of destination are included in our sales offer prices.