We are Holmes Halls (Processors) Ltd, a tannery producing full-substance wet blue hides available for sale globally.
Our facility in East Yorkshire has been the home of leather production in the city of Hull for over 200 years and we are now in our third century of operations.
Holmes Halls process predominantly fresh hides preserved by chilling or icing and sourced from licensed UK and Irish sources.
UK & Irish cattle herds are reared with some of the best animal husbandry standards in the world. Alongside our passion for technical process control and environmental compliance, our full-substance wet blue offers quality and reliability for all your further leather processing stages.

Our History

The original Tannery was founded by John Holmes in 1799 and quickly established a wide reputation for Sole and Strap Butt leathers. In 1850 his methods became world famous when he patented an improved method of tanning driving belts for machinery. During the last century, it was the only full hide tannery in the City of Hull.
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